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Author: Revenancer, Xaafira, Montag hi, friends! My name is Evan « Revenancer », I’m a game designer. Today I want to talk to you about new game features – missions. Many of you have played tens, hundreds, and even thousands of hours in League of Legends. To make the game fun for a long time, it should not be monotonous and harden in development.

  • As for the gameplay in the Gorge, much of what we do, helps to increase diversity – new Champions, regular updates, cool curves of skill, etc
  • Out of the Gorge we solve this issue by setting long-term goals that show your growth as a player
  • Here comes to help rank statistics and skill of the Champions
  • The achievement of these long-term goals brings pleasure, but the process can take months (or years) as important milestones are passed less frequently

On the daily or weekly level is almost non-existent goals, enliven your gaming session and allocating them among the rest. do my assignment for me Previously, we added a similar purpose to the game during events like « Snehapadma » or « Bilgewater: Fire rush ». However, due to the complexity of the work with an old client to insert new events into the game was difficult, so often players had to look for information about what you can earn and how, on various sites. Every past event was hardcoded and required manual control to give awards, our developers had to access the database, see what players a reward, and then to distribute each award manually (if you’ve ever wondered why cool icon Snegopada is coming to you a week, here is your answer).

With the new client

introduction of new features in the game became much easier. We had the opportunity to set the players targets that they have already met during the events, but to speed up and simplify their achievement. The case remained for small – you need to get rid of binding targets by traditional events. Thus was born the job of League of Legends.

What will be the job? The job will be to set new goals to achieve in the Gorge, and for completing them, players will be rewarded with unique images, Summoner icons and production. This is uncharted territory in League of Legends so we don’t know what this will evolve in a couple of years, but we have guidelines that will help you distinguish a good job from a bad one. Principle # 1: should not spoil the game. This is a delicate moment.

It is important that tasks do not adversely affect your game. This means that jobs should not be encouraged to play to lose or play a non-optimal ways. However from this rule there are exceptions, when all five players will stand one and the same goal. Good job: win three games with at least 10 murders/assistance.

The assignment: to win the game in Luxury with the 300 attack power. Principle No. 2: the tasks must test your skills, not your patience. Not all jobs can be performed in one sitting, however no jobs will depend only on how much you are ready to play.

Good job: win three games behind Leon with a rating of A or above. Bad job: win 100 games for Leon. In short, we want the players to get pleasure from executing jobs or a sense of satisfaction from overcoming challenges. Job — the main goal of the game in LoL? Don’t worry, the first and the foremost League of Legends is a game in which players battle each other in the Gorge.

This is not roleplay; we don’t want our game was based on the performance of tasks or the deletion of items in the list. We are not going to flood the game with a stream of jobs only to change the usual state of Affairs. The topics we want to add depth to those elements of the game that you like. Now the regional teams and teams responsible for events, it will be possible to add tasks to diversify your gaming experience to new goals and rewards.

You will be able to perform a number of tasks to show their support for the M19 (or Na’Vi, if you are a masochist, like me) and get a unique icon, or the story of a new character with a set of tasks dedicated to him. The quest system is now in its infancy, and we plan to start small. Ultimately, it is your opinion of the system will determine its place in League of Legends so don’t forget to share your experiences – good and bad – as new jobs. 1 year ago