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Need to learn English? Testprog pass the test and choose your and choose your online course at your level!online English course! 20 / 02 / 2017 Plan an English essay to write a proper essay, you need to follow a clear plan. If you want to Express « for and against », you should pay attention to the following plan an English essay: introduction (here you need to clearly define the problem, and also address the aspect of duality of opinion); to Express their opinions (here it is necessary to Express their opinion in support of the above question, do not forget to argue); the expression of the opposite opinion (Express an opinion opposite to your approach to the issue from different sides, pointing out the deficiencies); conclusion (at the end of the essay always is summarised above, indicates the contradictions and possible solutions). The structure of an English essay Structure essay on English can be defined as follows. online essay writing service The first paragraph always requires a problem statement, as well as two opposite points of view.

To summarise in three sentences you want to combine introductory designs. The second paragraph is an expression of personal opinion of the author, as well as several arguments in support. Third paragraph – the opposite view and multiple arguments, usually no more than two. In the fourth paragraph you need to present counter-arguments, and those that were not named previously.

In conclusion, to draw

attention to the issue raised in the first paragraph and to Express an opinion in other words. Topics for an English essay to prepare for writing your essay, you need to know essay topics English: books books; education – education; fashion fashion; food – food; family problems – family problems; money is money. Often on the exam, students are faced with the most common topics about which they certainly have a story to tell. The main thing to remember is that you should not use a simple vocabulary, not a higher level of proficiency; no need to speak in simple sentences, try to combine them in complex structures, introduce turns of phrase.

(I think this topic is very difficult / I consider this topic to be extremely difficult / I am convinced this topic can be described as matter of paramount importance) Phrases for English essay to cope with an essay, you need to own phrases that can build a detailed proposal. Here are phrases for essay we recommend you to use: There are different opinions on the problem… There is no doubt that… Some people consider that / Other people are sure that…

In my opinion / In my view / I also believe that / I strongly believe / What is more / Moreover / First and foremost Many people think / Besides / On the other hand / However / Actually In conclusion / Finally / To sum up to Express their opinion will help the following phrase: As far as I am concerned – as for me As far as I know – far as I know I suppose – I suppose… To my mind – in my opinion In my opinion (in my view) – in my opinion I think (I consider), I think I believe — I believe To begin with – to begin with, that… First of all – first of all, On the one hand – on the one hand On the other hand – on the other hand By the way – by the way I agree with you – I agree with you I am afraid – afraid that… It may seem – may seem Firstly firstly Secondly – secondly Finally – finally note that for self-training you can use online resources, such as .

The second paragraph you to begin . Zoe Adams.

The basis of learning are the following types of activities: listening, vocabulary, dictation, translation, interpreting.

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